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Questions to Ask When Booking a Barn Wedding Venue
Selecting the right location for a wedding is not always an easy task. But once you have found what appears to be the perfect barn wedding venue, you need to ask a few key questions when booking to ensure that the venue really is ideal for your wedding. Keep reading to learn more about the questions you will want to ask prior to booking a barn wedding venue.


One of the first questions to ask when booking a barn wedding venue is how many people the venue can comfortably hold. You want to ensure that the venue can hold the number of people you plan on having attend the wedding. The next question to ask is whether they have a list of approved vendors or services, or whether you can use the best wedding services and vendors that you select. Some venues only allow approved vendors in, which can limit who caters or DJs at your wedding. Always be sure to ask what is included in the venue price. Does it include just the venue or is anything else included, such as chairs or lighting? Lastly, be sure to ask how long you have the wedding venue when you rent it. You want to ensure your vendors can come in and set up flowers or chairs prior to the event, without being rushed or hurried.


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